Windows Client - Install / Uninstall


Admin By Request, version 3.0 supports all current Windows versions, including:

  • Windows 11

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 7 and 8 (Pro and Enterprise only)

  • Windows Server (with Desktop Experience only)

If installing individually on client endpoints, you will need administrator privileges. on every workstation that executes the installation client.

If installing via Intune, you need to be able to create Intune packages.

You'll also need valid credentials to access your Admin By Request online portal at Admin By Request Portal.

Installing Admin By Request

There are three installation scenarios covered here:


These scenarios are not sequential - pick one or a combination of all three, depending on your requirements.

Upgrading Admin By Request

As the installer is a standard MSI file, upgrading is automatically detected.

If you deploy a newer version of the Admin By Request Windows client, msiexec.exe will automatically perform an uninstall of the old version and an install of the new version.

Deploying new releases

Admin By Request software updates are deployed by our Auto-Update process. However, when we release a new version we do not deploy it right away to all customers via auto-update. This is simply to mitigate any issues that arise after beta testing.

Our rule-of-thumb is to activate auto-update of new releases within 4 - 8 weeks of release, but this is subject to change, depending on feedback and any potential issues that might arise.

Uninstalling Admin By Request

There are four uninstallation scenarios covered here, one that can be initiated by a Standard User and three that require Administrator capability throughout:


These scenarios are not sequential - pick one or more, depending on requirements.

User rights after installation

When a user logs on, the account is downgraded from Admin to Standard User unless:

  • You have turned off Revoke Admins Rights in the portal settings (Settings Workstation Settings > Windows Settings > Lockdown > ADMIN RIGHTS).

  • Also under Revoke Admins Rights, the user is in the list of Excluded accounts.

  • The computer is domain-joined and the user is a domain administrator.

Tamper Prevention

When a user initiates an administrator session, the user’s role is not actually changed from user to admin. The user is granted all administrator rights, except the right to add, modify or delete user accounts. Therefore, there is no case where the user can create a new account or change their own role and become a permanent administrator.

The user also cannot uninstall Admin By Request, as the only program, to keep the administrator session open forever. Furthermore, all settings, configuration and program files are monitored during administrator sessions. If the user tries to remove or change any of the Admin By Request files, these are restored straight away and the attempted activity is logged.

Performance after Installation

When users are not using Admin By Request, it does not consume resources, except for a brief daily inventory and settings check.