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Getting Started

To install client software, refer to Endpoint Software. Once your endpoint clients are installed, head to the Portal to inspect your settings and review the Auditlog.

Settings Overview

For an overview of how settings work, refer to ABR Settings. For ideas on key settings "categories", see ABR Usage Personas.

Get Support

If you need help on anything regarding Admin By Request, refer to ABR Support.

Latest Updates

24-May-2024: Compliance Mapping

Provides detailed information about how Admin By Request can help you meet your regulatory requirements, including GDPR, ISO 27001, SOC2 and NIST SP 800.

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24-May-2024: Linux 3.1.9

Adds support for Ubuntu 24.04 and Rocky 9, introduces a command line interface for non-GUI distributions and provides a number of fixes and stability upgrades.

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24-Apr-2024: Windows 8.3

Includes a Tray Tool applet replacement for Network Adapters and Uninstall Programs, and a "sub-process blocking" option for more granular lockdown.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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